Newbery Lodge held Anna and Scott’s special day.

engagement-ring wedding-shoes bridesmaids-helping-the-bride-into-her-dress doing-up-buttons-on-wedding-dress christchurch-wedding-photograph portrait-of-the-bride young-girl-at-newbery-lodge happy-guest the-bride-arrives walking-up-the-aisle happy-bride groom-smiles wedding-photography-christchurch bouquets putting-on-wedding-rings the-brides-parents-watch-the-ceremony-in-christchurch first-kiss-as-a-married-couple glass-of-bubbly bride-and-groom bridal-party-at-monavale portrait of the married couple bridal portrait groom kisses the bride couple in the bush at monavale christchurch couple bride and groom walking christchurch wedding photographer monavale rose garden

Scott and Anna, your day was beautiful, the rest of your images will be coming very soon!

Rebecca x


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